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Casino Games Overview

For the casino games considered, we provide the expected payoffs of betting options. In addition, for games in which the player has choice (for example, in blackjack) we present the optimal play in each situation. All the advice is based on mathematical analysis of the game. All games favor the casino and thus gambling in a casino should be considered an entertainment expense, if you must gamble or if you enjoy the excitement of gambling. However, if you follow our advice, in the long run you should lose more slowly. (If you count cards at Blackjack, you might even win).

There are many casino games you can play and among the most popular are blackjack, roulette and craps. If you are uncertain which of the games you want to play a good option is to try each of them. The best way to learn how to play them is at an online casino. You should have a good understanding of the basic rules of and options of each game before you learn the best strategy for each of them.