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How To Use Our Method

On this page, we describe what each column of our daily information page means and the relationship between the payoffs given in your local newspaper and the probability that each team wins a game.

Although there are various options to bet on, (for example one can bet on Over/Under, the number of runs you expect the teams to score) we only deal with betting on a team to win a particular game.

It is important to note that our betting decision depends heavily on the payoff. If the payoff is big enough, we would recommend betting on the underdog, not the favorite. For example, if our model predicts that Team 1 has a 1/3 chance of winning a game, but the payoff is well over 2 to 1, we would recommend a bet on the underdog, since then our expected return is positive. Of course, this means we should "lose" many of our bets, but over the long run (if our probabilities are correct) we should be ahead.

How to read our daily information page:

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