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We beat the odds for 9 of the 13 years we've been providing daily picks. .

(We had our worst year ever in 2011 with the daily picks, although we did quite well with the overall season projections. In 2013 we once again won the title for the season projections at (We have won 3 of the past 4 years).  We were slightly up for the regular season in 2009 but had a terrible post-season to make it a negative season. We were really down in 2005 and down slightly in 2007).

Welcome to the 2014 Season!

The 2014 Postseason Probabilities page can be found here.

The 2014 Season Projection page can be found here.


The 2013 Postseason Probabilities page can be found here.



Our season projections in 2013 again did quite well. (Depending on how you rate these things we came in no worse than 8th out of 55 projections with which we compared).

Our season projections in 2012 did about as well as other "experts".

We did better than many "experts" once again in 2011 -- see

We did better than the so called experts in 2010. See here for more details.

Here's a 2010 media link about our computations!

And here's a youtube link interview from baseballphd

See an interview at NYU TV with Prof. Bukiet


Listen to a radio interview 4/5/2007 with Prof. Bukiet on KNX 1070 in Los Angeles (mp3 format, 5Mbytes, 5 minutes 19 seconds)

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To learn about the changes we made during previous seasons and to see the results of our picks since inception (year by year or day by day), click on Baseball to the left.

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We offer picks on Major League Baseball games. We use our copyrighted mathematical model to compute the probability of each team winning their game on a given day. The payoffs that betting sites offer imply a win probability (range) for each team that day. (The range is computed so that the casino makes a profit). If our computed probability lies outside that range, we feel it would be profitable to bet on one team or the other. We explain this more fully in the Baseball Picks part of the site.

For the casino games considered, we provide the expected payoffs of various betting options. In addition, for games in which the player has choice (for example, in blackjack) we present the optimal play in each situation. All the advice is based on mathematical analysis of the game. All games favor the casino and casino gambling should be considered an entertainment expense, if you must gamble. However, if you follow our advice, in the long run you should lose more slowly. (If you count cards at Blackjack, you might even win).

There is really no analysis that can be done to improve your odds on playing slot machines. Choose your machines carefully and find the ones that pay as close to 100% as possible. You can find sites where you can try out some slots for free at places like Then once you decide to invest money just make sure you take advantage of any bonuses so you can give yourself a slight edge.

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